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Arima Dial to be completed soon

Published on Nov 25, 2011, 9:55 pm AST

making repairs: Workmen at the site of the Arima Dial yesterday. —Photo: AKILE SIMON

RESIDENTS of Arima will soon have a reason to smile.
Their beloved landmark, the Arima Dial, should be completely refurbished in a couple of weeks.
Some Arima residents were upset when the clock was initially removed back in August, fearing they were losing a treasured landmark. The landmark is over 100 years old.
The good news of the soon-to-be-completed refurbishment came from officials of the Arima Borough Corporation and the Joint Select Committee (JSC), who met at Tower D, Waterfront, Port of Spain yesterday.
JSC member Devant Maharaj asked about the status of the Dial, which was absent from the “heart of Arima”.
Corporation acting CEO Ronald Bobb said the Metal Industries Company (MIC) was carrying out the repairs, which were almost complete, and should be ready in about a week.
He added that the completion of the refurbishment will be marked with a simple ceremony.
Arima MP Rodger Samuel, speaking with the media following the meeting, said he visited Arima to see the work in progress and was informed the original Dial, including the damaged base and “antique” stem, was being refurbished.
He noted the clock itself is being taken from a new Dial, donated by a popular local supermarket.
He said the officials should have been prepared to replace the old Dial with the new, and it should not have taken this long due to “lack of planning”.,180021.html

At the formal commissioning of the Arima Dial on Thursday, mayor Ghassan Youseph, centre, and deputy mayor Patricia Cedeno-Metivier, right, lead guests and councillors of the Arima Borough Corporation to a reception. With them from left are alderman Beverly Ali; Daniel Austin, marketing manager of Xtra Foods, who brought in the new clock for the dial; Michael J Williams, managing director of TimeKeeper; and councillors Clinton Jennings and Anthony Garcia. PHOTO: ANDY HYPOLITE