Fatima College

2014 – Fatima College Clock Restored after 25 years

The Fatima Clocks

In 1945 Fatima College was blessed by Archbishop Count Finbar Ryan on December 1st; year 2015 will be Fatima’s 70th Anniversary.

The present Fatima Building was designed and constructed by the architect Mr. Maurice Acanne who was also the architect for the St. Mary’s College clock tower and the St. Joseph COnvent School and Chapel in Port of Spain.

As recalled by Fatima’s principal Fr. Gregory, the 70 year old Fatima clock had not worked for almost 40 years; it was removed for repairs by an enthusiastic clock collector around year 2000 and the unsightly clock hole was filled in and repainted. Events however overtook the well-intentioned Fatima old boy who passed away before completing the clock restoration.

Fortunately – the clock collector’s widow had carefully preserved the original 48″ cast iron clock dial – and was all too glad to pass it back to Timekeeper Michael Williams for restoration. On Wednesday Feburary 19th – Fatima old boy Christian Farfan’s crane hoisted the old clock up four stories – back to it’s original place – and Fatima’s 70 year old clock began ticking again – with the latest GPS antenna ensuring precise timekeeping 24/7. In the event of a power failure, the new clock movement will reset to the correct time when power returns.

Two new clocks with GPS accuracy have also been added to the inside courtyard to provide timekeeping to the wider school body.