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2014 – San Fernando West Secondary School, restored after 30 years – 2 Dials

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School seeks to restore clocks
Saturday, November 22 2014

THE EDITOR: The tower clocks of the San Fernando West Secondary School were part of the original San Fernando Technical Institute when it was erected 60 years ago on Farah Street.

In the memory of San Fernando citizens, however, the clocks have been silent for more than 40 years. They were not working when teacher Seeraj Dhoray joined the staff in 1980; but when he retires as school principal in May next after 35 years, one of his legacies for teachers, students, and his Farah Street neighbours will be the “tick-tock” of the school’s clocks.

Dhoray turned to Timekeeper who restored the clocks at the San Fernando City Corporation on Harris Promenade, and Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port-of-Spain, among others. The school is on a fund-raising drive to restore its clocks, hopefully by the end of the year. The new clocks will automatically reset to the correct time after any power failure, will be illuminated at night, and will provide dependable timekeeping.

The principal, staff and students of San Fernando West Secondary are seeking contributions from well-wishers – parents, past students, neighbours and businesses who can all look forward to good timekeeping around the Farah Street environs.