St. Mary’s College, Port of Spain

2011 – St. Mary’s College has  4 Dials Serving Frederick, Pembroke, Oxford and Park Streets in Port of Spain. In the event of power failure, the clock will continue to work for sometime until power is restored.

Tower Clocks at St Marys College Port of Spain.

For more than a hundred years our tower clock has faithfully chimed and kept the time; but it had grown weary of weekly windings in recent years, and lost its timekeeping reliability.

After the clocks and chimes of St Marys College in Port of Spain were modernized by  TimeKeeper   Michael  Williams they have faithfully chimed on the quarter-hour; and many persons can be seen checking their timepieces or setting their watches by our college clock.   Since July 23 2011, St Marys clocks have been carrying  BBC time – with no interruption or adjustment; and mechanical winding is now a thing of the past.

The TimeKeeper’s  workmanship has been professional in all respects, and with no interference to the school’s teaching staff or students.

St Marys College was founded in 1863, and its tower clock is estimated to be 130 years old.  It was installed in its present tower location in 1942.”

“The tower clock at St Mary’s College is probably 138 years old, and has faithfully kept time for the thousands of students and teachers who have graced our class-rooms for 150 years. Unknown to all is the labour of those dedicated to winding the clock– who climbed five flights of stairs every week. Our recently departed Fr Arthur Lai-Fook C.S.Sp had undertaken this task for half-a- century with the assistance of students since 1948.

With some reluctance –  we decided that  modernizing  our clock was necessary to ensure uninterrupted and reliable timekeeping,  both for our school community and the thousands who pass on Frederick Street daily and look up to check the time.

With little fanfare, TimeKeeper Michael J Williams installed the new electrical clock movements and electronic chimes supplied by Smith of Derby in England. Two years have passed with little or no human intervention since July 2011, and timekeeping has been flawless.”


Ronald Mendes C.S.Sp, Principal