Trinity Cathedral

2011 – Trinity Cathedral with 4 Dials Restored after 20 years.

Repaired after 20 years: Trinity Cathedral clock chimes again

Thursday, December 22, 2011
The tower clock at the Holy Trinity Cathedral which has been restored.

After 20 years of silence, the tower clock at the Holy Trinity Cathedral is back on time just in time to add Christmas cheer to the city of Port-of-Spain. In a telephone interview yesterday, Michael Williams, the man responsible for repairing the clock said the clock played Westminster chimes every hour and strikes by number so it plays ten strokes at ten o’clock. Williams disclosed that the clock carried BBC time. He said in the event of a power failure the clock and chimes would stop but would automatically resume at the correct time when power returned.

Williams is retired and fixing clocks are his hobby. Prior to taking on the Trinity Cathedral clocks as a project, Williams had fixed the clock at St. Mary’s College in July and at Mount St Benedict in October. “There are too many of these old clocks in T&T that need to be fixed,” said Williams. He said all they needed was a modern electrical approach. He added that an added gift to commuters and residents of the city was that for the Christmas season a Christmas carol would play after every hour.